Passionate about data analysis

Intrigued by the expansive realm of data, driven by the art of raw data storytelling. Delve into data visualization through my projects and unearth how graphics adeptly communicate information.

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Bright living room with modern inventory
Bright living room with modern inventory

About me

I am fervent about data analysis with expertise in handling and processing substantial volumes of information. My objetctive has always been to find hidden stories in data and communicate them effectively.

I have been involved in all stages of projects, encompassing design, development, testing, defect management, and deployment.

Have good knowledge of DAX Query and Power Query.

I possess a strong grasp of Data Warehousing concepts.

Capable of working autonomously and collaboratively as a team player, exhibiting strong analytical prowess and adept problem-solving skills.

  • Power BI + DAX (Advanced)

  • BigQuery GCP (Intermediate)

  • Data analytics (Intermediate)

  • Tableau (Intermediate)

  • ETL tool (Advanced)

  • SQL (Intermediate)

  • SPSS (Advanced)

  • RStudio (Basic)

  • Python (Basic)

  • C# (Basic)

  • Office (Advanced)

  • Customer support (Advanced)


+1 (809) 722-1796